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Don't be afraid of what you draw, make more images in pen, and practice in pencil, learn the fundamentals to figure drawing from books or even online, use those tips to better your style yet not change it.
The hardest part is staying consistent with your drawing especially when life tends to get difficult.
There are tricks to keeping yourself consistently drawing which I will explain at another time.
Draw what you want, draw from your head with someone elses work as reference or inspiration.
And Draw in pen, you will not have your own style if you try to perfect every drawing you must learn that some of those imperfections develop your style. Youre head telling you what youve drawn is ugly, well Thats your ego talking.
And when youve created enough images look for your common mistakes, where is it that you are weakest in your style, As I found out myself that I have a weakness for drawing feet. Then practice your weak points, in my case I should be drawing hundreds of character footing to better my weakness.
When you have your own style No one can say anything about what you draw because it is yours, it will have a special charm to it.